About Us

Wolves are a key species in a healthy ecosystem. A key species is often, but not always, a predator, like the wolf. Outnumbered by their prey, predators can control the distribution, population, and behavior of a large number of prey species.

By modifying the movements of the prey, the exploration patterns, and the feeding behavior, the wolves have an indirect effect on the regeneration of plants and trees. In this sense, wolves have a effect on animals and plants, a phenomenon known as "trophic cascade". When present in an ecosystem, it has been observed that wolves have an indirect impact on trees, rivers, songbirds, beavers, fish, and even butterflies.

Without predators, like wolves, the system can not support a natural level of biodiversity and may cease to exist at all. Therefore, preservation and key species are essential to maintain the historical structure and function of the ecosystems they inhabit.

Here at Save Our Wolves Today!, we are NOT a charity, but do donate a percentage of our profits to conservation efforts in the United States. Our primary goal is to raise awareness about not only conservation efforts, but also species such as the Red Wolf that are critically endangered. As a society, it is our duty to prevent the extinction of species.